Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soldering done

The manual says that the estimated construction time for the controller and the H-field amplifier would be about four hours. Well, it took me the whole weekend.

As I assumed the GPS module was the most tricky to solder, because it doesn't have regular pins but comes in an LCC package that has small pits along the side of its PCB. Took me several attempts to get it soldered without bridges between the pits and between the pits and the metal shield above them.

Compared to the GPS module the amplifier ICs in SOIC-8 packages with normal pins were much easier to solder.

Here's an image of Amplifier 13.1 half done. There is quite a variety of ceramic capacitors on this board. Not difficult to solder, just takes a while.

Because I don't have much more to talk about right now I'll just show more images for the finished boards. The next images show all boards in a top view followed by all boards at an angle to get a good look at all of them.

The next step after soldering is to flash the firmware into the STM32F4 evaluation board and see if all of this actually works. Once that is done I have to build the antennas. I'll start with an H-filed loop antenna.

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